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Pour One Out for the Selzie-boiz

Two seltzers, one mouth.
-Created by Jazz-

Seltzer & Seltzer

5oz $5 // 12oz $8


A moist and delectably rich swirling of all of our blurry IPAs with a touch of our Fusion.
Go on. Take a bite. You can have your cake and sip it too…
-Created by Jazz-

Fruited SOur & IPA

5oz $5 // 12oz $8

Falling For You Boo!

Our Late Harvest Festbier Lager collides on that tongue of yours with our New Moon Hard Seltzer for something not as uh- basic. Still yummy AF tho.
-Created by Jazz-

Lager & Seltzer

5oz $5 // 12oz $8


Seriously. Ask.

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