At Woven Water Brewing Company, our name will not only weave exceptional flavors into beer, we will also weave an exceptional attitude, style, and identity throughout our great city and state; Oldsmar, FL.
In turn, we will bind together a stronger future for our community and beer culture.


It is in our nature as human beings to feel the need to be connected or part of something bigger than ourselves. At Woven Water Brewing Company we will strive to be one those outlets; to connect and bind people together through our beer, our identity, and our tasting room. Our motto is: our home, is your home; our beer, is your beer. Let’s grab a pint and hold our glasses high for today and a better tomorrow.


Ultimately, our goal is to create a legacy in the beer industry. As with all successful ventures, it takes a lot of hard work, fantastic people, and talent to get to the next level. Fortunately, we have encountered so many great people along the journey to our opening day. Some, we can proudly say continue to be a part of our venture. Please stop in, have a beer, and be part of our growing family. Cheers!


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